Monday, September 23, 2013

Deep reds and purple have exploded over the fashion catwalk for fall so why not continue popular trends with your fall hair color!  
Deep reds, coppers, and violet can accentuate both a cooler or warmer skin tone, as well as it can fit into almost any wardrobe choice!  

Deep purples, and violets, introduce a sensual depth to the hair design, with a subtle flare of color, and yet it can be molded into a hair color suited for any type of profession. 

 Red suits every type of woman, underpinning her sensuality and femininity. It is a great, high class color that can suit all different ages and lifestyles!
 While some might consider a strong copper to be a bold look, when it is mixed with a pale skin complexion it attracts the eye of the viewer, and gives great contrast with those who have green eyes! Bringing the perfect fall twinkle.
The varied look, of different shades of red highlights and low lights shimmering across your base color, attracts the eye, and gives great dimension to your personalized style and look!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We would love to thank you all for voting us Tri-city's best last year, and it's that time of year again and we would appreciate your vote and support! 

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Thanks again to all our value customers and friends! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Short Hair Benefits and Inspiration!

Great fashion forward look!
Short hair looks wonderful when paired with a great color!

Over the summer and into the fall, celebrities and fashion has been enthralled with short hair cuts and here is why! 

Short hair is amazing for those with fine, or thin hair as a shorter hair style (not necessarily a pixie, but one above the shoulders) will give the illusion of a thicker, fuller head of hair! That mixed with a color full of dimension will wash your fine hair worries away!

Short hair doesn't always mean a pixie cut!
Asymmetrical cuts combine sexy and chic.

With a short hair style you are able to look fashionable with almost whatever lifestyle you live! 

Stay at home mom's can have the flexibility of a quick styling morning or dressing it up for a night out with the hubby! 

Those who spend a lot of time at the gym, or perhaps yoga, don't have to worry about the long styling time or constant hair in the face during your workout. You will no longer need to worry about long hair breakage caused by hair elastics!

Business professionals can wear their hair sleek and tidy for the day and then mess it up for a night out with the girls! 

Short hair styles can promote a more youthful look and embellish the eyes and symmetry of ones face!

The shorter styles can be designed by your stylist to frame your face in ways that can recreate the illusion of a more oval face shape, or shrink a wide forehead, or give the illusion of a fuller forehead with those that lack them. 

By wearing the hair short the focus of the eyes goes upward, fine textures and wispy ends and a little volume on the top shift the entire weight of the look and voila, ten years melts away!

Short hair is great for those who have quite processed hair and are seeking a healthier glow! 

Short hair does not just mean quicker styling time, but it also means a huge amount of damage control! If you feel as though your hair has faced a bit of damage with the summer weather, swimming in pools, and perhaps constant coloring, a short hair style might be just the thing you need to recoup you hairs vitality. 

Shorter hair styles also mean a lot less product use, less shampoo, less conditioner and less styling products mean a more cost effective look for you and your wallet! 

 Contact us today if you are inspired and think that a shorter hair style would be something you would love to try! Also follow us on instagram for great new cut and color looks for fall! 
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