Monday, February 24, 2014

                 Spring And Summer Wedding Ideas

2014 Wedding Hairstyles

Your wedding day will be really unforgettable if you plan every detail months before the big day. You will have enough time to choose wedding dress and accessories for it, makeup and surely hairstyle. I would like to show you some of the best 2014 wedding hairstyles that will inspire you to find the most beautiful one for your wedding dress.
Before talking about new wedding hairstyles I want to say that nothing much has been changed since last year. All classy designs are still popular like vintage waves, sophisticated up-dos, half up-dos and braided hairstyles. The first one that I want to show you is loose wavy hairstyle. For new season hair stylists advise to keep everything simple and stick to natural waves. Wavy hairstyle will look gorgeous on beach wedding. It can be completed with natural flower accessories, shiny headband or simply with veil.
Wavy hairstyle will look great on shoulder length and longer tresses but those who have short hair can still have beautiful wedding hairstyle. As retro designs are very popular for new season you can easily get vintage hairstyle with deep side parting and finger waves. Vintage headpiece will be a finishing touch to wedding hairstyle.
Classy up-do hairstyle will always remain the best choice for wedding not only for brides but also for bridesmaids. For 2014 hair stylists again got inspiration from retro designs and offer to getvoluminous beehive bun or French twist with extra volume.
If you have medium length hair you will have some problems styling high bun. In this case you can go for wavy chignon that will look luxurious with precious hair accessory. You can complete chignon with braided strands for more glamorous look.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

                               SHORT  VS. LONG HAIR
                           How To Tell Which One Is For You...

2014 is the year of short. From Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway to Miley Cyrus and Beyonce (all of her 30 seconds of short), cropped hair hasn’t looked so hot since Audrey Hepburn in the 50s or Mia Farrow circa ’77. 

Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Johnson says: “An advantage of having a shorter hairstyle in winter is that it’s a lot easier to keep in good condition and maintain style-wise. Going for a shorter style gets rid of any dead ends and gives your hair a chance to revitalise after all of the damage that the summer sun has caused.” We’re certainly tempted.

“Be warned though, shorter hairstyles require a lot more attention in terms of cutting if you want to keep them looking well-groomed” he says.

That’s not the only consideration - going for the chop is big commitment and there’s a high regret risk factor. How on earth do you know if short will suit you? Daniel have given us his golden rules to help you find a short style to suit YOUR features. Because unfortunately, we don’t all look like Queen Bey, do we?

Choosing a short cut for your face shape
1) If you have a long face, select a hairstyle that will shorten it. To do this, you want to create the illusion of width. If you’re thinking of trying short hairstyles, a chin length bob would work great. Or, if that’s too short, try a cut that ends somewhere between the chin and shoulders.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your hair longer, a tip is to add width through curls and waves. Long hair with a long face can drag it down; however this style looks great and will balance the proportions out.
2) If you have a wide face (round or square shaped), select a hairstyle that will add length to your face. This will balance the proportions by creating the illusion that it is longer and slimmer. If you have a round face, I would try to avoid having short hair and opt for a longer straighter style as this will elongate your face, making it appear slimmer and more in proportion.
However, if you do want a shorter style, avoid the ‘classic bob’ as this could look like you have a helmet on your head. Instead, I would try a long bob. Perhaps a cut that ends one-two inches below the chin. This will elongate your face and draw the eye downwards giving the illusion of a longer face.

3) If you have an angular face (e.g. square or oblong shaped), try opting for a softer haircut. This will soften the edges of your face. It will depend on your overall body type, as you need to balance out the proportions. However, often, angular faces tend to work really well with short hairstyles (such as pixie crops), especially if you have an elegant swan-like neck like Charlize Theron or Emma Watson. So, if you fancy going for a change, why not be brave and experiment with a shorter style?

4) People with perfectly oval shaped faces are lucky. They are lucky as they will suit most styles - short or long.
Fringes on short hair
A fringe is a big statement and you must have the right fringe to suit your facial shape or this could look very wrong! Square, long, oval and round faces, for example, would all need different styled fringes and cuts.

I think short hair with a fringe is a huge no-no! It looks completely wrong and can also make your whole overall look seem wrong. I'd say keep fringes for people with long hair as, with long hair, they work really well, and look stylish and very sleek.

Top tip: Always ask your stylist if the cut you want will suit you. There’s no harm in asking and they will be able to help you find a cut that you like that is also perfect for your face shape.

Monday, February 3, 2014


makeover spray

anyone who wants dry cleansing and style and maintenance

 - split end refresher
 -absorbs oil and build bulk to refresh limp or day-old styles
 -great for quick style touch-ups and in -between shampoos

 - special propellant system (microfine distribution of rice powder)

Natural and Nature Inspired
 -rice powder provides  texture and oil absorption
 -grape peppermint ( known to be a free radical scavenger, antioxidant)

 -shake well
 -spray 4-6 inches from roots and work through to absorb oil.
 layer through mid-lengths and ends to add bulk for a finished style.

 -use to absorb excess oil and get another day from your style
 -use before styling to bulk up hair without stickiness


dry touch-up spray

-anyone who wants instant surface care

-light, on-the-go surface care without weighing hair down
-instant conditioning on-the-go
-instantly revives dried, overworked hair
-waterless, will not affect previously created style

-lightweight silicone (provides light on the go surface care)

- grape peppermint ( known to be a free radical scavenger, antioxidant)

- spray into dried hair
-concentrating on mid- lengths to ends or wherever additional  care is needed

- use on dull hair to make it look shiny and healthy
-use in between shampoos for condition and shine
- use to quickly condition and control static fly-away before styling