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Flaunt These 20 Medium Hairstyles For Summer

There’s something about summer that makes all of us shine a little brighter than usual. We get excited for the promise of graduations, vacations, and more! Changing your hairstyle for the season is only natural. Our blondes get brighter, chocolates get a touch of toffee and our styles become more natural and effortless. Whether you’re looking to change the color on an existing mid-length style, or simply a new way to update your cut for the season, I’ve got you covered with these medium hairstyles for summer!


The medium shag is loose and carefree, much like summer. The layers create lift and movement giving the limpest hair some swing and texture.
Medium Hairstyles for Summer
How To Style:
  1. Apply appropriate working product. For fine hair use a volumizer and for thicker hair use a smoothing lotion.
  2. Wrap dry hair (moving from left to right following the natural shape of the head) with a paddle brush.
  3. Once hair is roughly 75% dry, start taking vertical partings and blow dry hair towards the face.
  4. If hair your is thicker and rougher in texture, use a flat iron to smooth out the style.
Recommended Products:
I am a big fan of the anti.gravity by Kevin Murphy when it comes to volumizing products. It will give you lift that last all day and it has a light detangler so the ends of your hair do not feel crispy. If your hair tends to be a rougher texture, then I prescribe a cocktail of products. I will typically use Abba’s Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion mixed with a bit of MoroccanOil. The blow dry lotion will help keep the style longer while the oil will add shine and weigh the cuticle down for a sleek finish.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
The shag works for so many different face shapes. The focal point of the layering around the face or fringe can make it appropriate for all of us! A fringe can balance out a narrow face while longer layers around the face can elongate it.


This color is so reminiscent of a sun setting over Malibu! I love the ombre effect of the strawberry melting into the fiery copper ends. Even though this is a mid length cut, the color creates a visual of extension in the length and thicker density in the hair.
Medium Ombre Hairstyle with Copper Ends
How To Style:
  1. Apply a working styling product onto clean, damp hair.
  2. Use a paddle brush and work your hair from left to right as you remove the moisture from your hair.
  3. As the hair becomes dry start, to work the hair towards your face on both sides.
  4. Shake hair into place once dry and apply a texture product throughout.
Recommended Products:
 I prefer to use a dry shampoo to help build density and texture. The Kevin Murphy fresh.hair is the only dry shampoo I use. The fine grain powder disappears into the hair like a magic trick!
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
With the little options fine hair seems to have, color and a mid length cut can always be a good solution to creating movement and density. This style can work for all face shapes.


The blondes go brighter in the summer and this summer is no exception. I love this look with its heavy lines to build weight in the finest of hair, and nothing packs a punch like platinum lob (long bob)!
Platinum Blonde Medium Hairstyle with Heavy Lines
How To Style:
  1. Apply favorite styling cream to damp hair.
  2. Separate fringe and secure the rest in a clip.
  3. With a paddle brush, blow dry fringe from left to right and once underneath.
  4. Taking vertical partings, blow dry hair towards the face.
Recommended Products:
Once again I will recommend Abba’s Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion. Regardless if you have rough or silky textured hair, it is the perfect blow dry lotion. It is not heavy, yet it will tame the beastliest of lion manes! Not to mention it contains their Pro Quinoa Complex which strengthens the hair as well.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
The length in the front of this medium hairstyle helps elongate square, round and heart shaped faces, while oval facial shapes can wear anything. The fringe helps balance out anyone who was a narrow forehead. As for hair texture, anyone can have this style, you just might need a flat iron if you have a rough texture.


The best thing about summer is the heat, right? Let it work for you and give your hair a break from blow drying. Summer is all about slowing down and enjoying nature so, why can’t we enjoy our natural curl as well? Tis the season! I also love the new chocolate shades that are available to us now. We can still enjoy rich chocolates with lighter toffee tones making it the perfect brown for summer.
Natural Medium Hairstyle with Toffee Curls
How To Style:
  1. Apply curl cream to damp hair.
  2. Scrunch product throughout the length and ends.
  3. Piece out a few tendrils around the face, twirling your fingers around your hair.
  4. Allow to air dry.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This haircut is created with round layering. When you use round layers it removes bulk evenly throughout the hair so there are no hard weight lines or the dreaded “triangular” effect. This look is more for a particular hair texture than face shape.
When you get out of the shower, do not wrap your towel around your hair like a turban. This pulls on the hairline and length of your hair, pulling out the curls. Simply scrunch your hair dry with the towel.


Beach waves are the essence of summer hair. These soft, mid length  tendrils lightly cascade around the frame of the face giving a fresh yet tussled texture. Brightening your blondes with light honey tones gives the “fresh from the beach” effect all season long.
Honey Blonde Medium Hairstyle with Beach Waves
How To Style:
  1. Apply styling cream to damp hair.
  2. Separate fringe and clip remaining hair.
  3. Wrap dry fringe with brush of choice.
  4. When hair is 50% dry, start taking vertical partings and use a medium-sized round brush to finish drying.
  5. Over direct the hair towards your face and wind hair around the brush, blow drying the length as you wind the hair.
  6. Allowing the section of hair to cool down for a few seconds then unwind the hair away from your face.
  7. Continue working your way around your head until you can no longer reach, then start on opposite side repeating, steps 5 and 6.
  8. Spray texture spray for separation.
Recommended Products:
I love the MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream for this look. It gives just the right amount of moisture and bounce this style needs. I would follow up with the Kevin Murphy resort.spray. It’s not only the best “salt spray” type product, but it smells like summer in a bottle!
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This look is for everyone regardless of face shape or texture. The soft curls compliment all of us gals!


Who says blondes have more fun? In my opinion, nothing shines like beautiful redhead! And while we’ve all been chopping up our manes, the simple yet stunning one length cut is typically overlooked. Instead of building your medium length style up with layers, try building up with a rich color.
One Length Hairstyle with Rich Red Color
How To Style:
  1. Apply blow dry cream to damp hair.
  2. Blow dry hair using the wrap dry method mentioned earlier with a paddle brush.
  3. Once hair is dry, apply a small amount of oil throughout length and ends.
  4. With a large barrel curling iron, take large sections (about four) and curl hair about ten seconds per section. This will create just the right amount of bend and not too much curl.
Recommended Products:
Nothing curls better than clean, oiled hair. The oil helps protect the hair from heat damage and gives the cuticle a radiant shine. If you have finer hair, try MoroccanOil’s Light formula. If you have dry, thirsty locks, try out Kevin Murphy’s forever.young. It actually feeds the hair as opposed to coating it and weighing it down like silicone-based oils do.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Even though anyone can wear this look, one length hair is best suited for round and square face shapes. Once again, the length helps elongate harder face shapes, giving the appearance of a more oval face shape.


Summer is all about movement and texture when it comes to hair. Walking on the beach has inspired so many different styling products trying capture that perfect vacation hair in a bottle. Is your hair fine and limp? Let me tell you how to achieve the freshly tousled look on your medium length hair!
Medium Curly Hairstyle with Texture
How To Style:
  1. On clean damp hair, use a paddle brush to blow dry your hair thoroughly .
  2. Apply a small amount of oil throughout length and ends.
  3. Curl vertical sections, pivoting around your head, with a medium-sized curling iron.
  4. Once complete, break up the curls with your fingers, unwinding and separating the curls to loosen them up.
  5. Finish hair off with a light hairspray to keep your curls all day long and touchably soft.
Recommended Products:
I would recommend Kevin Murphy’s young.again for the oil of choice. It is not silicone-based so it will feed, protect and not weigh down your beautiful locks. Try MoroccanOil’s medium finish hairspray for the final touches. This is my favorite finishing spray! It is light to the touch and allows for the curls to bounce all day long.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This look is elegant and easy and it works for all of us who want to achieve a fresh look for the summer season.


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hair looking green from all that chlorine?

Hair feeling dull after swimming all summer? This is your fix! Clarifying shampoo will help to strip buildup in the hair from things like hairsprays and chlorine. It also brightens dull lifeless hair and gives it a beautiful sheen. Follow this by a deep conditioner such as the Moroccan Oil hydrating mask. This will help insure that the shine and moisture is locked in until the winter months!