Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June is here let's get summery!!!

June is the month that prepares us for summer. The weather starts to stay nice, the flower are in full bloom and everyone starts coming in, wanting their hair brightened up with some foils! When the sun is shining it always makes us happier and more inclined to do something for ourselves and why not? Why shouldn't we spoil ourselves with that new summer dress. Why not color our hair, get our nails done, get a relaxing massage or go to that patio and have a margarita? I know we all like doing things for ourselves but some of us find it hard to actually commit to it.
       YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!              
You work hard and deserve a little something for you! 

If you love the finer things in life, then why not spend the money to have your hair done? Hair is the ONLY accessory that we NEVER take off so why is it that we are putting on metallic dyes from a store, that dry and damage our hair? We have our Gucci sunglasses, and Coach bags, but have $12 color on our hair. Yes there are things that can disguise the dryness and smooth out the frizz that store colors do to your hair, but why wouldn't you want hair that is healthy and easy to manage? If you have a conditioning color put on your hair then it would make that much of a difference. Start using the shampoo and conditioner that us stylists recommend because it helps to keep your color from fading. Really, when your hair is healthy, then you don't need all the other products to make it "look" healthy it just will be. So with that being said it will actually save you money and time to just seek the advise and expertise of a trained professional.  

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