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Fabulous Updos For Your Prom

 Prom can be one of the most memorable moments of your high school life. Make the most of it with a creative a creative prom updo. Find a style that enhances your natural beauty and expresses your awesome personality. Here’s a list of 19 fantastic prom updos that range from simple and classy to funky and cool. Enjoy!


Be a stunner on your prom night with this elegantly textured updo. Curls, swirls, and some subtle crimping work together to create one glamorous hairstyle. Long hair is twisted up for a beautiful twist in the back, which gives the illusion of a faux bob in the front. Too fabulous!
Prom Updo Elegance Cute Crimped Look with Headband
Prom Updo Elegance Cute Crimped Look with Headband Side View with Curls
How to Style: 
1. Curl your entire head of hair with a one-inch or a one and half inch curing iron.
2. Grab a few sections of hair on the top of your head and use a tiny crimping iron to add contrasting texture to the curls. If you don’t have a crimping iron, your can create three or four tiny braids and then smash them between your flat iron.
3. Gather you hair back into a low bun or a French twist. Pull hair back loosely and gently to keep that fun curly and crimped texture looking fabulous in the front.
Recommended Products:
Try Hot Tools Professional Crimper Styling Iron to create that fun zig-zag texture. You’ll get the results you want every time.
Best Face Shapes and Hair Types:
The super luscious curls help make this hairstyle great for all face shapes. Straight tocurly hair can pull off this style and the thicker your hair is naturally, the better.
This is one of those perfect hairstyles that you can wear up for most of the night, then take down later and have it still look amazing. So if you feel like letting your hair down on the dance floor – go for it!


This unique cherry cola hairstyle is gorgeously special and different. The rich red color simply glows and the pops of pink and orange in the bun add even more interesting detail. The elements that really make this style so sweet, besides the boldcolor, are the long side sweeping bangs, the asymmetrically placed bun, and the horizontal twist in the back.
Crimson Beauty Pretty Bun Hairstyle Prom Updos
Crimson Beauty Pretty Bun Hairstyle for Prom - Back View
How to Style:
1. Section out your bangs towards the front and also leave out a long piece to hang down for face-framing.
2. Flat iron the bangs forward and then use a large curling iron to just curl the ends of the rest of your hair. You don’t need to create bouncy curls from roots to ends, you just want to create soft waves on the ends for your bun.
3. Use a comb to section out a horizontal line from above one ear to the other. Grab the top section of hair and pull it to one side and create a ponytail and secure with an elastic above one of your ears.
4. Grab the bottom section of hair and lift it up past your horizontal line and twist the hair up and over into a ponytail right under your first one. 5. Intertwine the ponytails into a twisted, knotted, bun.
Recommended Products:
Use a finishing product to really secure your hot updo like Strong Hold Hairspray by Gold Silhouette. It’s great for fine, fragile hair, too.
Best Face Shapes and Hair Types:
Oval shaped faces or round shaped faces can pull this daring hairstyle off. Long,thick hair that is on the straight or wavy side is the best hair type for this look.
When your hairstyle is too complicated for you to create on your own, call in your hair professional. It’s always a great idea to bring in photos that you like and it’s a huge plus if you can bring in photos of the front and the back.


Throw it back to the retro days with this beehive inspired hairstyle. A teased crown is highlighted with a braided headband right over into a beautiful cascade of chocolate curls. It’s a great hairdo to try if you want your hair pulled back but still show off your length.
Braided Bouffant Beehive Prom Updo
How to Style:
1. Start with clean, dry hair and prep with a heat protection serum and then a misting of light hold hairspray or thermal spray for heat memory.
2. Curl your entire head of hair if you have straight or loose waves. If you havenaturally curly hair, use your favorite curling products to enhance.
3. Start teasing the top crown of your head at the roots about two inches back from your forehead / hairline. Really build up the roots to create a cushion of hair. Keep moving back and taking sections to tease until you have reached the back curve of your head.
4. Gently smooth your hair back to soften your teasing and create a nice dome.
5. French braid the front two inches of your in front of the teasing from behind one ear to the other to create the beautiful braided crown.
6. Gather your curls into a side ponytail right above your ear and secure with and elastic band. (You can secure the ponytail lower if you wish but the photo shown has it positioned a little higher on the head.)
Recommended Products:
Protect your hair from heat and add shine simultaneously with Redken Glass serum. Just a small amount goes a long way, simply rub the serum in your palms then disperse through your hair, follow up with a brush or comb to make sure the product disperses evenly. Redken Spray Starch Heat Memory Styler is awesome to prep hair with before you curl. It helps lock in whatever shape you apply to your hair while protecting it from heat.
Best Face Shapes and Hair Types:
Round shaped faces would be best for this cute side ponytail hairstyle. Thick hair that is naturally curly is the best hair type for this look. If you have straight hair and don’t mind spending some time with your curling iron you can pull off this look, too.
Buy a braided headband that matches your hair color so you don’t have to worry about braiding your own. There are so many places to find helpful faux hair pieces these days that if you simply plan ahead you’ll be ready to go when prom night comes.


Take your prom hairdo to the next level, literally! This high reaching top-knot / twist is absolutely stunning and extremely unforgettable. A perfectly placed side part adds some asymmetry and interest to the overall look as well. The only thing you’ll have to worry about with this hairstyle is where to put the tiara when you win Prom Queen.
Top Knot Sophistication Top Knot Updo For Prom
Top Knot Sophistication Top Knot Dark Glossy Look Profile View

How to Style:

1. Apply some smoothing products and blow-dry your hair as straight and frizz-freeas you can. Flat iron to smooth after hair is completely dry if needed.
2. Section out a long side swept bang / layer to pin back later into your bun.
3. Gather the rest of your hair into an extremely high ponytail and secure with a strong elastic hair band.
4. Twist your ponytail into a tight bun and layer the twists on top of each other, securing with pins as you go to create a tall bun with lots of interest.
5. Pin back the long side bangs you sectioned out earlier and pin back and up to keep a fun face-framing effect and then secure your style with a strong hold hairspray.
Recommended Products:
L’Oreal Elnett Satin Strong Hold Hairspray is the hairspray to the stars. Spray on liberally to really keep your look secure.
Best Face Shapes and Hair Types:
Round or oval shaped faces are the best candidates for this elevated hairstyle. Super long and super thick hair of any texture can rock a top knot. If you want your style to look exactly like the one shown that you must have naturally straight or slightly wavy hair to start with.
Don’t skimp on your bobby pin usage. The last thing you want is your beautiful updotumbling down while your dancing at your prom.


What looks like a simple low chignon on one side is completely contrasted by a intricate double waterfall braid on the other. This awesomely imagined hairstyle is full of smooth and textured elements that really work together to create one amazing overall look.
Wonderful Waterfall Low Chignon Double Braid Prom Updo
Wonderful Waterfall Low Chignon Prom Updo - Side View
How to Style:
1. Start with clean, dry hair, part your hair to the side and then flat iron bangs over to smooth. Really flick back the tips of your hair strands with the iron to create that swept back effect.
2. On the shallower side of your part, right above your temples, begin a waterfall braid towards the opposite side of you head and secure with pins.
3. Start another waterfall braid just under your last one, right at your temples, and repeat.
4. Gather all your hair that is left down into a low side ponytail and secure with an elastic band.
5. Twist your ponytail up into a bun. This particular hairstyle created a basic bun with a caged-like accessory placed over. You can opt for a different styled bun and go with a more messy look, chignon, or keep it in a ponytail. You decide.
Recommended Products:
Try Garnier Fructis Hairspray Flexible Control. It’s anti-humidity and long lasting. This awesome hairspray won’t break your bank either. Mist on hair before and after styling for easy manageability and hold.
Best Face Shapes and Hair Types:
Oval, circular, and square shaped faces would be able to pull off this hairstyle. Don’t forget to leave some soft pieces of hair out in the front to add some framing. Hair that is naturally straight to wavy that is super thick is ideal for achieving this hairstyle.
Adding ribbons of colored highlights throughout your hair is a great way to break up a dark base color and give you style some pop. You don’t have to have a huge contrasting shade either. Subtle soft highlights that are a shade or two lighter than your natural color look most flattering and grow out easiest.


This updo is a perfect choice for shoulder length hair. You don’t have to be Repunzal to pull this style off. The style itself is really simple but the impact is really beautiful. Adding some side or blunt bangs to your look will up the dramatic effect even more.
Fresh and Fun Curly Updo for Medium Length Hair
How to Style:
1. Use a small sized barrel curling iron to curl your entire head of hair. A one inch sized iron would work well. Take your time and curl small sections of hair to really create a consistent texture throughout.
2. Spray your hair with hairspray to strengthen the curl and the pull your hair up and back into a tight ponytail.
Recommended Products:
Use a light hairspray on your strands before and after you curl. Try Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray because it won’t make hair sticky or difficult to style. It will leave your hair with good heat memory and amazing shine.
Best Face Shapes and Hair Types:
Round shaped faces would be great for this angelic hairstyle. Naturally curly hairwould be perfect to create this style. Of course since you are going to curl the hair with an iron you can also wear this style if you have straight or loose waves.
Updos are fabulous to offset with bold earrings or necklaces. Since your hair will be pulled up and off of your neck, the jewelry you choose will really shine. So really put some time into your accessory decisions.


This super adorable updo is fresh and modern with a touch of 80’s glam. Even Molly Ringwald would appreciate this flirty copper hairstyle. Long side bangs are super sleek and soft and pinned to the side. The slightly messy high ponytail is the perfect base for a pile of supple curls. Keeping the look slightly teased and imperfect help make the hairstyle new and up to date.
Pretty in Pink Adorable Loose Curly Updo
Pretty in Pink Adorable Loose Curly Updo Back View
How to Style:
1. Flat iron your bangs to the side to really make them smooth and shiny.
2. Curl the rest of your head of hair with medium sized curling iron.
3. Pull hair up into a high ponytail that is slightly off center and secure with an elastic band.
4. Gently pile your curls on top of your head and pin to secure.
Recommended Products:
The beauty of this hairstyle is how soft it looks. Don’t gunk it up or make it look sticky with too many products. Try Kérastase Oleo-Relax Mist on your strands before iron work to keep it hydrating, soft, and amazingly luminous.
Best Face Shapes and Hair Types:
Any shaped face can wear this 80’s pop inspired hairstyle. The long bangs help add balance to long foreheads. Medium to thick hair is ideal for updos and loose wavy hairis ideal for creating this look.
If you’re a natural strawberry blonde, amp up the glow with a semi-permanent glaze or gloss on your hair to deepen the color and add intense shine. A good haircoloring service can take your hair from drab to fab.
Easy Breezy Twisted Updo
The simple process of twisting your hair up and clipping it in place creates a fun and flirty hairstyle. It’s loose and carefree, just like you!
Easy Breezy Twisted Prom Updo with Bangs
How To Style:
  1. Blow out hair with a large round brush (or medium if you want a little more curl to your hair).
  2. Flip hair upside-down and spray with volumizing hairspray. Shake it out until it dries, then flip back up.
  3. Use a flat iron on the lowest possible setting you can get away with for any extra smoothing you need in the bangs or other fringe.
  4. Use your fingers to comb hair back like you’re going to put it into a ponytail. Twist hair around and use your clip to secure it. If there are any pieces falling out because they’re too short or too fine, use bobby pins to sneak those hairs back in to the twist.
  5. Light hairspray is all you should need to complete this style.
Recommended Hair Products:
Volumizing mousse is a great product for a style like this. You get the volume you need without all the backcombing as well as the smoothness and hold. Try Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Sculpting Foam.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Round shaped faces would be best for this sweet hairstyle. Naturally straight to wavy hair would be easiest to transform into this particular look. Super thin, fine hair may not cut it so make sure you have medium to thick hair.
It’s not hard to get this style, and it’s something you can do halfway through the night if you want to start with your hair all down. Bring a claw clip in your clutch and when you’ve had it with the hair getting in your face, toss it up!


Red carpet style doesn’t get any better than this. This style is so gorgeous and timeless, all heads will turn when you walk in the room. Keep highlights subtle so they don’t distract from the overall look, but your actual overall color can be light, dark or anywhere in between.
Old Hollywood Chignon Beautiful Glamorous Prom Style
How To Style:
  1. Apply a mousse or other styling product to damp hair, then blow out using a large round brush.
  2. Use a low setting on your flat iron or curling iron to smooth any hairs that need extra help and to create an extra roll at the bottom.
  3. Use a large barrel curling iron to set a curl in your bangs for the victory roll. After removing curling iron, smooth hair and roll it cleanly. Pin in place underneath with several bobby pins.
  4. Backcomb underneath in the back at the bottom in order to anchor your bobby pins.
  5. Smooth hair back towards the bottom like you’re going to put hair in a ponytail, with the ends rolling under. Pinch the underneath hairs and pin in place. Pull the sides inward and pin, making sure to tuck pins underneath and out of sight. Use hair pins (like bobby pins, but they don’t pinch tight) for hairs on top to keep them looking loose.
  6. Finish with a firm hold hairspray.
Recommended Hair Products:
For body, shine and maximum control, use Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt Quick-Drying Styling Glaze.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Round to square shaped faces would look very glamorous with this hairstyle. Super thick hair that is on the straighter side naturally is best.
It looks simple, but this clean sculpted style takes practice to master. Have a few practice days where there’s no pressure to get all the kinks worked out. To glam it up, add a dramatic flower or antique brooch.


Smoothed back and up, this fantastic hairstyle will make any girl look and feel like royalty. The large curls are loosely styled, but not messy in any way. It’s the perfect style for the ultimate princess.
Gorgeous and Sleek Romantic Prom Updos
How To Style:
  1. Prep hair with a sculpting product.
  2. Dry set hair with a large barrel curling iron and pin curls up until they’ve cooled then let them down.
  3. Slick hair back into a ponytail at the top of the crown area. Use bobby pins to secure barrel rolls as you smooth through and shape the curls. Use hair pins for the top curls that you don’t want to look pinched.
  4. Finish with a firm hold hairspray.
Recommended Hair Products:
A lightweight pomade like Foaming Pommade Texture Polish from Paul Mitchell works really well for smoothing ends without making hair look or feel sticky and heavy.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
The best candidates for this slicked back hairstyle are square or round shaped faces. If you have a long or oval shaped face simply add some bangs to add balance. All hair types and textures can achieve this hairstyle.
To eliminate the extra weight, use a binder instead of trying to pin it all up. All those bobby pins weigh a lot by the end of the night!


It’s another simple style with a lot of personality and drama without being too fussy. The low bun is messy curls while the top is slicked back out of your way so you’re free to dance the night away without the added distraction of hair in your face.
Low Messy Chignon Brunette Prom Updo Style
How To Style:
  1. Use a styling product to smooth hair back into a ponytail just below the center back of your head (occipital bone).
  2. Use a curling iron or rollers to create curls then use your hands or a comb to mess them up without making them fuzzy. The easiest way to do this is to pull the curls apart and shake them out. Once they’ve separated, you should be able to adjust the fullness with backcombing or leave as is.
  3. Use bobby pins to pin the bun shape, starting with the outside edge and filling it in with the remaining curls. Make sure to tuck the pins underneath. If there are any ends hanging out, leave them for a softer look or pin them if you prefer more structure.
  4. Mist the whole style with a little clean firm hold shine hairspray.
Recommended Hair Products:
Try creating your curls using a clampless curling iron, like Hot Tools Tapered Iron. The curls hold for an amazingly long time and they look fabulous.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Heart shaped faces would look great with this style because the full curls help fill in around the neck area. Naturally curly hair is ideal but you can simply add in s some curls to straighter hair.
It’s easy for a style like this to get all tangled up. When taking your hair down, don’t try to brush through it before you wash it. Hit the shower and apply conditioner to the tangled part, then use a wide tooth comb to work through the ends without breaking them. Once you’ve loosened all the knots, it should be easy to wash and condition your usual way.


How fun is this hairstyle? So totally different than what you’d expect to see at prom that’s what makes it work! If you’ve got the personality to pull it off, this style will completely set you apart from the crowd.
Spiky Anime Style with Side Buns
How To Style:
  1. Separate hair behind bangs straight down the center all the way to your hairline in back on the bottom (nape area).
  2. Smooth each side into a ponytail just above and behind your ears. Make sure they’re in the same position before continuing, because if they’re off, you’re whole style will look crooked and tilted.
  3. Separate each ponytail into 3 sections and twist each of those sections into a mini-bun. Let the ends stick out and pin them underneath to hold them in place.
  4. Run a flat iron through your bangs and finish it off with a little light hold hairspray to keep fly-aways to a minimum.
Recommended Hair Products:
Wax can be either a great tool or a huge mistake. Find one that will separate your ends and keep them looking lightweight at the same time. Try Redken’s Water Wax 03 Shine Defining Pomade.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval, round, and square shaped faces would look great with this edgy and spiky hairstyle. Naturally straight hair is best for this look.
Check out her bangs. They’re blunt cut but still soft and they’re freshly cut, not months old or hacked at in annoyance. Since this is the hair that will be framing your eyes, stop by a salon to get them done professionally within a week or two before prom. Having those clean ends makes a huge difference!


A slight twist on an old classic makes this style fashion forward. A few well-placedbraids completely changes the vibe of this updo from old and vintage to newfound classic! Slicked back hair completely exposes your face, brightening your appearance and taking away the shadows. This is very much a bold style!
Contemporary Chignon Prom Updo with Braids
How To Style:
  1. Smooth all hair back into a ponytail just below the occipital bone in the back.
  2. Take small sections of hair from underneath and create braids that will wrap around the top and sides of the chignon.
  3. Leaving the braids out, smooth hair into a roll and pin underneath.
  4. Use the braids to cover the gaps on the sides and drape one or two across the top, then pin underneath.
  5. Spray finished style with a firm or extreme hold hairspray.
Recommended Hair Products:
AG Waxx Gloss Pomade gives you shine and flexibility for styling.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Any – if you’re comfortable exposing it completely. Confidence is hands-down sexier than trying to achieve the “perfect” face shape! Super thick hair is best for this giant bun hairstyle.
A lot of people don’t have enough hair for this type of updo, especially to create the crisp looking braids. Clip in extensions are perfect for this! There are so many shades available, you can find one that matches your color and no one will ever know the difference. Just braid the long sections and pin them in after the rest of the style is complete. You can even use the leftover hair as filler for the chignon.


A fantastic arrangement of looped curls makes for a flawless updo, especially when combined with lustrous dark hair and bright blonde streaks for contrast. Pulling all the hair back away from your face will brighten your features, but if you’re uncomfortable with that or if you like the look of bangs, they’ll work with this style too.
Chocolate and Vanilla Swirls Updo For Prom
How To Style:
  1. Pull a flat iron through completely dry hair to smooth and polish it.
  2. Backcomb up the center back section of your hair as well as the top and crown areas. Clip away the top section.
  3. Smooth hair from the front side of your head towards the back without bunching it up. Pull it past the center line and use bobby pins to pin hair in place right up the center, creating X shapes with the pins from the bottom to the top. This is the time you will want to add a few pieces of the extensions if you want to use them in the style. Pin or clip them in with the rest of the hair in the same direction.
  4. Hair from the left side then repeats the same process, but bobby pin on top of the other side. It will give you a little more depth to the finished style.
  5. Create loops out of medium sized sections of hair in the back. It’s a free form style, so don’t think you have to copy it exactly the same. Separate the extensions into their own loops for a more dramatic look.
  6. Before you finish the loops on top, smooth the hair from the top of your head back towards the style to incorporate that hair, keeping the style fluid.
  7. Finish with a strong hold hairspray.
Recommended Hair Products:
Paul Mitchell Super Clean Extra aerosol spray or Freeze and Shine Super Spray (non-aerosol). The product is light and adds shine instead of heavy stiffness.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Rock this swirly style if you have a round shaped face. You must have incredibly thick and smooth hair to pull this huge hairstyle off.
You don’t have to go get your hair bleached for a similar look. Use part of a package of clip in or loose extensions to recreate this same effect and preserve your hair quality.


Heads will turn when you enter the room sporting this style with all kinds of attitude. Tight French braids down each side exaggerate the height of the bump on top. Ending the braids and center section in a small chignon keeps the style from looking too much like a Mohawk.
Braided Low Chignon Prom Updo
How To Style:
  1. When blow drying hair, make sure you’ve added a volumizing product to the top of your head like a spray or mousse, then blow dry it from the back to front for more “oomph”. Use a gel on the sides to help keep the braids clean.
  2. Separate the top from the sides, pulling a V-shape towards the bottom where the braids will meet. Clip the top up and French braid the sides with small sections. Braid all the way through the ends and use clear binders to secure them.
  3. Backcomb the remaining hair to get the amount of volume you’d like. If you have a really long face, you’ll not want to go too high or it will exaggerate that for you. It’s always easier to soften the bump than make it bigger once you’re done, so start bigger than you think you want and adjust it later.
  4. Smooth hair over the top and toward the back to where the braids meet at the bottom. Put loose hair in a clear binder and loop the hair under without pulling it all the way through to create the chignon.
  5. Wrap the ends of the braids around the binder and pin the ends underneath.
  6. Spray with a firm hold hairspray.
Recommended Hair Products:
Volumizing powder is perfect for this updo. Try Big Sexy Hair Powder Play – it’s amazing!
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Round and square shaped faces would be great for this edgy style. All hair thicknesses that are on the straighter side would work.
Get extra height by using several products and tips. Volumizing powder is amazing! Sprinkle it in by your roots and massage it in. Backcomb your hair by holding a section of hair up and forward then put the comb about halfway down the section and push the hair towards your scalp by sliding the teeth of the comb (still holding on to the ends in your other hand). This creates a cushion instead of a huge tangle and makes it a lot easier to comb out later! When you’re done backcombing, smooth hair over the top to hide the backcombing underneath.


Sugar and spice, mostly nice… This updo is unique and exciting to look at. There are a lot of different components but they all work together to create a cool vibe instead of just being busy. The bright red compliments the rich dark brown color and makes it visually more interesting (also adds more dimension for those with finer hair).
Dark Chocolate Edgy Prom Updo
How To Style:
  1.  Separate bangs and/or fringe, along with the sides, from the back of the style.
  2. Backcomb the top where you want your bump to be. Separate the bump part from the rest of the hair and put the remainder in a ponytail in the center back.
  3. Wrap the ponytail into a little bun shape and leave the ends out. You can even do this while putting in the ponytail by just looping the hair halfway through and making sure the binder is tight. Make sure you leave the ends out at the bottom instead of the top.
  4. Pull the sides back and pin just under the little bun.
  5. Use a flat iron to shape the ends in back and fringe/bangs in front the way you want them to flow.
  6. Add texture to the ends with a texturizing pomade or wax then spray the finished style with a little finishing hairspray.
  7. Add your accessory!
Recommended Hair Products:
Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13 will work well for helping you get texture in the tips of your bangs and the ends of the updo in back.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Oval, heart, round, square or long. Naturally straight hair or strands that can be flat ironed and smoothed out easily is the best type of hair to have for this unique hairstyle.
You can accessorize with something other than chopsticks, but keep it to one thing. For instance, add a flower and nothing else? Perfect! Add a flower, a sparkly clip and chopsticks? Big mistake. Too many accessories will take away from the style and make it distracting. You lose the cool vibe and end up with just a bunch of stuff on your head.


This simple to manage style is beautiful and soft. The loose curls are romantic and the smoothness of the rest of the style makes the shape in back stand out even more.
Loose and Romantic Low Side Messy Updo
How To Style:
  1. After prepping your hair, blow dry and curl with a medium-sized barrel curling iron.
  2. Add backcombing throughout the whole surface of your scalp, then smooth over the top and separate your front section away from the back.
  3. Smooth hair from the right towards the left back and pin. With the left side, pin it just behind your left ear.
  4. Start taking random sections of curls and pin them into the shape your want your updo to be. You can adjust the height, width and length to suit your personality and style. Leave a few curls down to keep the softness.
  5. Instead of just shoving random bobby pins in and hoping they work, overlap two in an X shape to lock them in. You’ll end up using half as many!
  6. Complete your style with a little hairspray – medium hold for those with hair that loves curl and firm hold for those whose hair is a little more stubborn.
Recommended Hair Products:
You’ll want to protect your hair while keeping it soft when you’re curling and styling it. Look for a product like Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray. It’s a strong hold hairspray made for styling and it’s also humidity resistant. You can spray it on damp hair for more volume before you blow dry, too.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
All faces can pull off this very curly hairstyle. Naturally curly hair would be ideal for this super sweet updo. Thick hair is also the best type of hair to have.
When you have a cleaner style like this, you can add more texture or interest by adding whimsical accessories. Find inspiration in your dress, your favorite flower, something in nature…whatever it is that makes you happy. Because if you feel happy on the inside, it will shine through and help you rock it all out!


It would take a pretty tragic style to make Ms. Kate Beckinsale look bad, but this soft romantic upswept ‘do is perfect with the strapless gown she’s wearing. It shows off her fabulous neckline and keeps things simple but elegant. The effect is understated you notice Kate as a person instead of just a hairstyle or a dress. They all work together to create a statement!
Swept Away Prom Updo Hairstyle
How To Style:
  1. Got naturally curly hair? Use it! Natural waves and curls look amazing in styles like this. If not, use a curling iron to pop in some quick curls, then pull through them to mess them up and soften them out.
  2. Use your fingers to pull hair back loosely into a ponytail at the top of the back of your head.
  3. Randomly pin hair around the binder to create a simple bun shape without making it tight.
  4. Spray with a little hairspray for fly-away hairs, but don’t smash this fabulous loose style down!
  5. You can do the “shake test” to make sure it’s in place. If you think you’re done, shake your head around like you’re dancing. If it starts to fall out, you’ll know where you need to pin it better.
Recommended Hair Products:
Keep it soft. Kenra’s Platinum Nutrient Styling Foam helps prep and protect your tresses to maintain healthy manageable hair. It’s humidity resistant and also provides thermal and color protection.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
Round, heart, and square shaped faces can sign up to wear this cute updo. Loosewavy hair types are best.
To get the same red carpet style, put all your elements together to see how they work with each other. Are they the same style? Are they YOUR style? Take pictures of yourself in the dress with one hairstyle you like, then a different one for comparison. Find photos of makeup and jewelry you like and add it all to a look board so you get the whole concept from a different perspective. Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s fun and you’ll get a better sense for who you are and you won’t end up with something you don’t like in the end.


Create a distraction with your fierce personality instead of a busy hairstyle, like Ms. Angelina Jolie. Her sleek chignon is severe by itself, but when you combine it with dramatic makeup, a fantastic dress and just the right amount of attitude, it puts you at the top of the style chart.
Classic Sleek High Chignon Updo
How To Style:
  1. Smooth all your hair back into a tight ponytail and spray the sleeked back hair with hairspray to make it perfect.
  2. With the hair that comes out of the pony, separate it into sections and twist them around each other to make a bun (or you can braid the ponytail and just wrap it around for a quicker process). Where the twists meet your head, pin underneath. Make sure the ends are securely pinned underneath.
  3. Spray the finished style with a firm hold hairspray.
Recommended Hair Products:
Sebastian’s Gel Forte is a gel you can use wet or dry. Gel is the perfect product to create sleek shapes!
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This pulled back hairstyle would compliment circular and square shaped faces. Remember that if you have a long forehead or a long face, wearing some bangs down is the best option for you. Sleek straight hair or loosely textured hair would be perfect to create this look.
Use a powder brush (yes, a makeup brush!) to put flyaway hairs in their place. After the initial ponytail, mist the style with hairspray and run the powder brush along the same direction as the hair flows. You won’t end up with comb teeth marks in your hair and it won’t stick or create dents like your fingers do.
Are you ready to get your groove on the dance floor yet? You’ll be ready to go having your hair all up and off of your shoulders. These glamorous updos will really make your prom night a memorable one. And don’t forget – updos are hot; always have been, always will be. There’s something so polished and fabulous about sweeping your hair up into a sophisticated style, then showing it off to the world. There are so many different options that there’s no excuse for NOT having an updo

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