Monday, June 16, 2014

                Summer Haircuts for Kids

  1. Surfer Haircut For Boys

    • Some boys insist on keeping a long, shaggy surfer or skateboard haircut all year round. Alter the look for a summertime feel by raising hair from shoulders to just below the ears, and keep side-swept bangs trimmed above the eyebrows. Use a razor instead of blunt scissors to create layers in the back, as this also thins hair, making it lighter and less bulky.

    Spiky Haircut For Boys

    • Boys enjoy a bedhead hairstyle in the summer that requires little styling. Keep hair trimmed close to the scalp on the back and sides of the head. Leave hair on top a little longer, allowing for combing upwards and spiking with hair gel or mousse. Don't emphasize on making spikes uniform or even. In some cases, the messier the style, the better young guys like it. This style also works well with blond highlights or bleached tips for a sun-drenched look.

    Short Haircuts For Girls

    • Cropped or bobbed haircuts are ideal in the summer for girls, especially those with straight hair. These styles feature lengths between the ear and chin and side-swept or blunt bangs or no bangs at all. Girls can choose to spike sections of short hair with hair gel or pomade to give the style more edge.
      Pixie haircuts are also popular and feature puffier tops and close-cropped edges near the neck. Hairstylists can use razors to shag the ends of pixie haircuts to create layers.

    Medium Haircuts For Girls

    • Girls with medium-length hair can wear elongated bobs that that reach to just beneath the chin and frame the face or blunt, shoulder-length cuts for summer. Opt for a thin layer of bangs or no bangs at all to keep the cut cool. Keep length uniform to enable pulling it back in a ponytail or braid for active play and swimming.
      If hair is curly or wavy, keep it beneath the chin to prevent it from frizzing out of control in summer heat and humidity.

    Long Haircuts For Girls

    • Long summer hairstyles are sometimes the least manageable, as they require quite a bit of brushing and are difficult to maintain if regularly exposed to chlorinated water. However, if the parent or child does not wish to cut hair to medium length, consider a cut with shorter layers on top and graduating longer layers in the back to keep hair weight to a minimum. Each layer should stay below chin length to accommodate putting it back in a ponytail or braidSponsored Content

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